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While visiting San Diego last month, we were lucky to celebrate Milli’s birthday at the San Diego Zoo. This zoo is known as one of the largest and most progressive zoos in the world. It was so large (and so hilly) they have escalators in the park to get you from one section to another. You could also catch the bus!

While walking around, I remembered an article I had read about how many wildlife photographers actually take their images in a zoo. And many times, they take it from

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outside the cages. Naturally, I was determined to figure out a few tricks for taking great “wildlife” pictures.


My first mistake was taking my entire camera bag. I had to watch my stuff more, and lens changes became a nuassance. An hour into the day, I’d settle on

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using my telephoto lens for two reasons.First, I had a better chance snapping close-ups of animals. Second, I could capture my family’s natural reactions without being in their face.

Sunny Day

Before you are shattered with too bright photos, remember that between 11-3 is the worst time of day to take pictures. And what time do you usually visit the zoo? We already have the sun working against us. The first step to combat this is to change your ISO to 200. I would go above 400 unless you are in a shaded area. The second thing you can do is learn about spot metering (but that’s a whole other can of worms)!

Avoiding the Fence

My next obstacle was avoiding the dang caging. I tried to get creative by moving to the outskirts or kneeling between bars. When I couldn’t avoid a fence, I made sure to take my picture with a shallow depth of field. I was able to focus on the background image (the lion above) and blur everything else (the fence). Remember to use a wide aperture and zoom in to create depth of field.

Eye Contact

You could wait hours for an animal to look directly at you, but be prepared for the chance they do. These are the most emotional images you can take of an animal.

Animal Behavior

We aren’t attracted to zoos because we get to see the animals in real life. We also enjoy it, because we can see how animals behave differently. Avoid taking full shot images of the animals sitting or standing. Zoom in to highlight a day in the life of *insert your animal*.

Catch the Excitement

Remember that this visit to the zoo is about your family and the excitement ringing through the air. Instead of approaching an exhibit to photograph the animal, position yourself to take a picture of your child approaching and reacting to the animal.


A trip to the zoo is a great activity for families to hang out. We were blessed to meet this family at our RV park. Capture the special interactions between friends or siblings.

People Will Interfere

I have to share. I have to share. People will get in the way of your photo. I could not for the life of me get a picture of this hippo teaching her baby how to swim. Too many heads, too much excitement. I tried anyways.

Save the Blurry Ones

Everything moves at the zoo. Don’t worry if a few of your shots end up blurry. Keep them if it’s only image you managed to snap of that moment.

With a little practice, you’ll stop wishing for a national geographic photographer to accompany your trip. Instead, you’ll be your best photographer. Gear up for spring, pull out your cameras, and head to the zoo!



Living in an RV gives me a special opportunity to live in a million different communities and landscapes.  The view out our RV windows changes all the time- and sometimes drastically.

We recently rolled into the Los Angeles area and more specifically, Hollywood.  LA is not known for its large acreage properties, so we were lucky to strike a deal with a non-profit organization called DOOR.  A friend of ours is current working with the organization which basically places six volunteer workers in a house in an impoverished neighborhood.  The six volunteers spend the year creating a community hub for basketball, homework help, gardening, and more.

DOOR has invested in a basketball court and were generous to let us park on the back half.

RV Tagging

It”s pretty rare to see an RV the streets of LA, and it”s a “no-no” to park your RV on the street especially overnight.  LA is notoriously ran by gangs, and RV sides are a huge target of spray-paint vandalism.  There are several RVs parked on the streets that are adorned with grafitti.

It”s rare that these RV are occupied by income earning citizens.  They are typically the home of handfuls of homeless people.  In fact, there are several of these postcards floating around Hollywood that say, “Living in Your RV?  Contact PATH for homeless assisatnce”.

Does this mean I”m homeless?

I”m happy to announce that online casino we avoided any tagging.  While we did park the RV overnight on the street one time, we were in a decent enough area to avoid any trouble.  The rest of the time DOOR welcomed us to park in their fenced in court.


During the day, the six volunteers in the DOOR house commit to 30 hrs/week of work for another organization.  Our friend works specifically with PATH (People Assisting the Homeless).  I was surprised to learn that there are over 80,000 homeless people in LA.  Adam joined Josh (Adventurer Friend) for a day on the road to learn about what kind of assistance is available for the homeless, and also what kind of assistance the homeless even want.

Homelessness is a tricky subject, because some people don”t want to change.  They don”t want to not be homeless, and that”s an impossible thought for most of us.  Many don”t believe they deserve another life.  On the flip-side, there are tons of homeless people that are looking for a way out.  How do you know who”s who?




60 days to a Slimmer Body, Budget, or Home

May 4, 2011

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SOC: Spinster for Life? Nah.

April 17, 2011

Even as a child, I use to think about what my future family was going to look like.  When I met new families, I would reflect on which of their traits I wanted my family to have.  Later in high school and college, I thought in more depth about the kind of life I”d like [...]

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Simple Living Isn’t About Depriving

April 12, 2011

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Backyard View: Usery Mountain Regional Park

March 30, 2011

We are currently visiting Phoenix, Arizona parked at the Usery Mountain Regional Park.  RVing isn’t always glamorous, so we RVers really cherish the times we find clean park facilities, great company, and beautiful scenery.  Here’s a peak at my backyard this week! And then I was attacked by a cactus… Milli and I went for [...]

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March 22, 2011

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Children’s Books: David Shannon

March 18, 2011

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Rocking Shutter Speeds: Milli Runs the Catwalk

March 16, 2011

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